Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anti-Bullying Create

In making the poster and broacher I used pages. You can say that the group and I used almost all functions that pages had. Everyone in the group followed the time plan. Alissar got the pictures and I got the information at the correct time. Then Maha set everything in it's place using Alissar's and my suggestions on Pages. Nothing was changed from the plan, except little things. For example placement of pictures and colors. The whole group worked hard and put lots of effort.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ANTI-bullying Plan

My group and I have come with a plan. Unfortunately our plan is on paper and with the teacher. Each one of us have a task to give in.
Alissar: To get pictures by 25th of February.
Noor: Information by 25th  of February.
Maha: Adds all information and pictures in place on Pages. Using Alissar's and my suggestions too to help.

There may be some changes through the process because Pages may not have all function I need.
The plan was very brief and not much information because the group and I did not know exactly how the plan should be. However, the group and I used all resources available for us. 

Anti-bullying Design

I am working with Maha, Alissar in creating a brochure and poster. We are aiming this project to grades 5 to 6 . We had 3 separate designs for each, the brochure and the poster. We all came up with a final choice for the design. Our final Design will be made using Page software on mac. The designs are all labeled and sketched so it would be easier during the creating process. We will try to make our final design match our designs on paper. That will be hard because Page may not have all the functions we need.

In general all posters will be colorful and have many pictures. We will add a big title to attract people. The poster will be on a sheet of A3 paper to make it bigger. It will help aware bullying throughout the school.

In general all broachers will be colorful and have many pictures. It will have 3 pages on each side, so in total there will be 6 pages.  the broacher will be on an A4 sheet paper.

I think my group and I did well in the design stage. We all worked on a design and explained the parts of our design.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ANTI-BULLING investigation

There is a big problem which children go through which is bullying. It is important because these children are the future of the world, and as I had personal experience I must say it is painful and must stop for the better of the world.

Most children experience normal social problems. Social pain is the sadness and anger that friendship brings. It is the pain when your best friend finds another best friend. Social pain is the torture of teasing, and it is when a child comes and says 'everyone was mean at school.' But it doesn't go on every day. Fifteen percent of children may experience extreme bullying. Here are some warning signs: A child who never gets invited on play dates or birthday parties and never calls anyone; a child who always gets stomachaches to avoid social situations; a child who is teased always or is constantly doing the teasing; or a child who regularly bullies other children. Bullying exists in all cultures. Bullying can be physical, bullying can be verbal, and bullying can be nonstop. Bullying can be done by individuals or by groups, and through gossip. Bullies that are cruel to others are not physically big and strong kids. Actually, they are often popular kids who use power in hurtful ways. Many bullies are picked on a lot themselves and take it out on others. Girl bullies start rumors, call kids names behind their backs, and steal friends. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009


My website about climate change did not turn out how i expected it to be. My design that i have drawn on a piece of paper does not match the current website, that is because iweb does not have all the functions that i need.  my product seems fine although i had higher expectation. i like the colors and the different fonts. 
in my case investigation was the hardest stage. finding information and putting i in my own words. i saved it on my google documents but then the next day when i checked it someone deleted it. so i had to repeat the whole stage once again..
in my plan and design stage it very simple. i simply drew the welcome page and how i would like it to look. i also planed out where the navigation buttons would be located. i did not right the information on the plan i only drew out where the information will be held.
in the creating stage i had no trouble using i web. it was very simple and no complications. in the begging i choose layered paper layout, but after a while i did not like the lay out so i changed it beebob. 
 i have put lots of effort in my iweb. i did enjoy the process of creating, but not much of the others.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

client meeting


google documents
(p.s. someone deleted all my information  and now i have nothing)

delicious account
design and layout
 my design and layout does not match my plan because iweb does not have the features i need. However i intend on trying my best to make it fit my drawing.

topic and research
my topic is climate change. i have researched for 2 days on this topic. i have saved my information on my google documents. my information was put in my own words and it was ready to copy and paste into my iweb.

color, font and use of multimedia
i have added a range of colors and fonts. i have used comic sans, arial and others. in my facts page my color of my font is rainbow. every paragraph has a separate color. the multimedia in iweb was simple to use. the help instructions were simple and precise. 

number of pages
so far i have four pages on my iweb. i intended on adding 3 more pages "reference and photo gallery, and emergency plan".

features on iweb
in my case everything is working on iweb. i have no problems what so ever.

embedding is a set of browser components capable of being embedded in other application.i have not yet embedded any videos or others. i would first like to work on my information and the go on to embedding.

what is a widget
is a small gadget or device which is usually unknown.
i do not yet have a an emergency plan or a reference page because i have not got to that stage in my iweb.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What is needed in hardware and software for asynchronous and synchronous communication forms?

 A web browser ( such as internet, safari, fire fox ) is a software that is needed for asynchronous communication.
A monitor, mouse, key board, and zip drive are the hardwares that is needed for asynchronous communication.